"If you change your perspective, you'll change your outcome." - Contessah I. Davis

Our Mission

Single and Living Transform’s mission is to advance the kingdom of God by improving the lives of women, using spiritual and personal development in efforts to encourage individualism and build self-confidence through the acquisition of life skills. We do this through education, advocacy, resources, services, and research.

About Us

Our Story

Contessah Irene Davis started the S.A.L.T. (Single And Living Transformed) movement, because of her passion for helping women establish and maintain healthy relationships with one another. However, she realized the key to healthy relationships are healthy individuals. Healthy individuals are those who are self-aware, healed, and whole true.

In the late 1990’s, she began mentoring young adult women. After much observation of the common mindsets resulting in unfavorable outcomes, she decided to act through studies, faith-based reading, application and creatively sharing biblically based posts and scriptures on various social media platforms. Additionally, she teaches women how to keep a prayer/gratitude journal and clear and concise vision boards.

Contessah has been speaking to men and women in the Metro Detroit and Dallas DFW areas for over 10 years. In effort to support her passion and vision she decided to incorporate Single and Living Transformed, hand-picking a Board of Directors, whose careers, missions, ministries, and experiences aligned with the mission. (See biographies, below)

We want to be an organization who impacts women and evoke a healthier mindset through spiritual and personal development tools, resources, education, research, coaching and through a community atmosphere. Jesus tells the disciples in Matthew 5:13 (CSB): “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty? It’s no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.” We will do kingdom work by building up our sisters and will maintain our flavor by making any necessary/ God-directed pivots to fulfill the mission, with the help of the Lord.

Board Members

Contessah I. Davis

Contessah Irene is a 4x Irma P. Hall nominated actress. She has earned recognitions in film, national commercials, brand ambassadorships, Christian radio, theatre, choreography, singing and song writing, which afforded her opportunities to work with a variety of national artists and some of Hollywood’s greatest.

Contessah has experience in adult mentorship in spiritual and personal development, as a prayer and vision coach. In 2018, she established and currently facilitates “Covenant Sisters” an intercessory group. Contessah is working to expand her vision, purpose and reach as she actively pursues a degree in Human Relations and Business, as well as certification in Christian-based Life Coaching.

Contessah is a 2x best-selling author of the anthologies: “Soulful Prayers” (2019) and “Soulful Affirmations” (2020). Moreover, she is an active member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, where Dr. Tony Evans serves as Senior Pastor. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord…-Colossians 3:23.”

Catrina R. Smith, LMSW

Catrina R. Smith, LMSW is the founder of P.U.R.E. To Serve, (Prayerful. Unique. Righteous. Empowered) a follower of Jesus Christ, a dedicated wife, mother, and licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has worked in the field of Social Work for over 20 years. As a native of Detroit, Michigan, Catrina has professional experience in serving with non-profits, faith-based organizations, churches, families, and individuals! Catrina believes that living P.U.R.E. is an honorable choice, allowing one to demonstrate competent and ethical service with distinct Christian approaches. Visit her site at www.puretoserve.com

LaToya M. Adams

LaToya M. Adams is a progressive leader within the community of El Paso, Texas. Her life experiences have cultivated her love and passion for serving others by giving much of her time to community outreach across several organizations within the U.S. Department of Defense, Destiny Church, and the El Paso Southern New Mexico Jack and Jill of America Inc.

LaToya earned a Master’s in Business Administration and have held several roles in Human Resources within the Federal Government. She is the founder of Gleam Inc (2011); a non-profit organization that takes on a holistic approach to professional development, mentorship, and community outreach supporting the Armed Forces Community. In 2015. The Shero Anthem, was a song she composed and sang to uplift and empower military spouses who had lived a life like her own-one of constant adaptation to change and sacrifice, as a military spouse and mother, living and traveling abroad for over 20 years. LaToya Adams is a “co-author” for the best-selling anthology, “Soulful Affirmations,” released in 2020.

PeriSean B. Hall

PeriSean B. Hall has illumined the following professional platforms: main stage speaker and singer, industry news anchor, news reporter/news producer, LIVE events show producer, radio personality, and emcee and stage performer.

PeriSean is a news anchor, show producer and itinerant speaker for Service Nation, Inc.; a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, and the author of My Mama Told Me: Motherly Wisdom for Everyday Living, her debut book release; and Stewarding the Anointing: The Code of Conduct for the Kingdom, her latest book release.

PeriSean earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio-TV-Film (Minor: Sociology) from the University of North Texas, Denton, TX, and completed graduate-level courses in Counseling at Texas A&M- Commerce, TX. In 2019, she was approved and confirmed as a Commissioned Minister by the pastors, elders and ministry leaders at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, where Dr. Tony Evans serves as senior Pastor.


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